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How to produce greater profits by valuing you and your business

Wow we are nearly at the end of 2014, how has it been for you?  Have you produced greater profits than ever before? I know that many of my clients have said that this year has been a much better year for them business wise.  Yet they are still struggling with making the profit they…

Fix your business

Eight things to help fix your business and improve your fortune

Do you want to fix your business to increase your profits and feel more in control.  Being a business owner can be really hard and lonely and there is nothing worse than feeling your working hard yet not reaping the rewards you deserve. Check out these eight tasks you can carry out today on your…


5 Top Tips for increasing profits

Here are some of my top tips on increasing your profits as a woman in business.  It’s easy to get focused on the turnover (sales) of your business but you need to be keeping a close eye on your profit levels. Without good profit levels you will struggle to pay yourself an acceptable reward for…

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Women in Business – Can we really have it all?

I’ve always felt the phrase ‘having it all’ was an odd one.  It doesn’t clarify what the ‘all’ is. For me the phrase suggests a smug, somewhat indulgent person with more than they could possibly need. “Look at me I have it all”.  But I wonder if that’s what we mean, or do we mean…

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